Is the blockchain compatible with my business?

answer the following form and get the % compatibility:

useCase : Supply chain - Data

Do you process private data?
Should your data be dynamically changed (quantity, transit, certificate, history...)?
Can your data be audited at any time?
Would a decentralized architecture meet your needs and requirements (providers tracking, eat investigators...)?
Are authentication and authorization mechanisms required in managing access to your data?
Should rules be approved by consensus and contributors to validate the data (who provide, who validate, when, where...)?
Is data tracability required (any data during any steps through the supply chain for cruise, hotels, parks..)?
Duplicates should be removed and are a part of the solution automatically (all suppliers could use the same or not chain and by extension same data)?
IT resources to cope with an ever-increasing volume are a problem (the solution has to deal with huge and variant orders )?
Data replication is a must (replicate order is an option)?


Do you want to optimize the number of intermediaries in the processing of your solutions / data?
Would you like to set up a validation process by consensus?
Do you want valid members to be legitimized and recognized (new suppliers are automatically validated into the process)?
Do you want valid members to be digital (a simple solution will allow new members into the chain - mobile application, ...)?

Performance and automatism

Should the transactions you process be anonymous?
Does the transaction calculation time have to be less than 1 minute?
Do you want to add rules that automate transaction processing (each members has a specific rule into the supply chain and contribute to the processing)?
Do you want processed transactions to be performed by a centralized authority?